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Michelle Obama Rocks Pink Pumps

Michelle Obama shoes by J.Crew. (Photo: Reuters)

It’s been reported that First Lady Michelle Obama, who stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, wears a size 11 shoe.  Cool!  That means she has pretty long feet link the rest of us.

Did you see her rock the Democratic National Convention with her speech last night?  If you did, you may have noticed her pink and grey dress she wore were topped off with the pretty pink heels she strutted on stage in.

You’ll be happy to hear that if you want those shoes they are available at J.Crew for $245.00 (USD).  The other good news? The shoes are available up to size 12!!

First Lady, Michelle Obama wearing all American. Tracy Reese dress with J.Crew shoes.



Can You Take a Picture of The Shoes You Want?

Hello Everyone,

Occasionally we have posted a pair of great shoes that we love, regardless of whether or not it was available for our pretty long feet.  The next time you see a great pair of shoes that you so badly want and your size is not available, take a snap shot and post it on our twitter or Facebook feeds.  Yesterday, Ivy posted on twitter a great photo of a pair of Marc Fisher pumps that she can’t have because they are not in her size.  It’s always still fun to look!  Let’s start swapping photos.  The more impact we create, the more demand we can have to get more brands to produce our size and more retailers to stock ’em!

You down for this movement?  All you have to do is take a quick picture of you holding the shoe or the shoe on a ledge, in its box, or even you attempting to squeeze your foot into it. LOL!  Then post the photo on our Facebook wall or on Twitter.  You can write something like Ivy did below.

Happy Sharing! I can’t wait to see all the styles you love.


Here’s the pic that Ivy tweeted yesterday.

“I’m totally loving this Marc Fisher shoe! But I can’t buy because I have #prettylongfeet. Not my size”


Care For Your Shoes….I Do

Storing your shoes in boxes keeps their shape longer. It also maintains top condition.

When you’re a woman with larger feet, it’s important to understand that caring for your shoes is even more important than other women.  You see, if I wore a size 7 shoe, I would always know that if my shoes fall apart, it doesn’t matter.  Why? Well because then I’d be able to walk into almost ANY shoe store around the world and find my size.  Isn’t that right?

Well, I wear a ladies size 12 (USA).  That’s a UK 10.  A European 43.  So needless to say, finding shoes can be a real challenge.  When I do, I care for them.  How?

I spray my shoes before wearing them with a protector.  I also keep the boxes.  Yes, I keep the boxes.  The other option is I get those storage containers.  Occasionally I even keep the stuffing and the little silica packets that come in the box.  These are really important for keeping moisture from building up.  Especially if you tend to sweat in your shoes or walk in moist conditions. Moisture can breed mold or mildew on your shoes which looks like white patches.  They sometimes are even fuzzy looking patches.  It’s best to let your shoes dry completely before you store them in a box

Silica get packets are used to prevent moisture and damge to goods. They are silicone dioxide and considered non-toxic. But it’s not safe to ingest and you should clean eyes thoroughly if you rub eyes after handly.

If you ever do get mold on your shoes using pure white vinegar can help eliminate this problem.  Click Here for tips on cleaning mildew and mold from shoes.

Mold on Shoes

Mold on Shoes

For tall fashion boots, storing them using a boot tree is the best way to help them keep their shape.  What I do during off-season is keep the stuffing or buy tissue used for gifts to stuff in the front of the boot.  It helps keep them dry along with the shape of the toes.  If they are soft leather you can fold them and keep in a storage box.


Invest in boot trees to keep your expensive footwear in good condition.

Are you a fan of the Gladiator?

We’ve seen a variety of gladiator sandals every summer.  You can now find this style made with vegetable tanned leather. The Naya Palomi is your eco-friendly gladiator that will give you a step in comfort, fashion, and soften your footprint on the earth. has it available in size 10, 11, and 12.




Do You Believe That You Can Help Others?

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Jewels for Shoes

Big and bold jewelry makes a strong statement.  Make your mark this spring with Sam Edelman’s “Nalo”.   You’ll want to show off the jewels in these shoes, so be sure to pair them with an outfit that shows off your gorgeous legs too. Available at