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Care For Your Shoes….I Do

Storing your shoes in boxes keeps their shape longer. It also maintains top condition.

When you’re a woman with larger feet, it’s important to understand that caring for your shoes is even more important than other women.  You see, if I wore a size 7 shoe, I would always know that if my shoes fall apart, it doesn’t matter.  Why? Well because then I’d be able to walk into almost ANY shoe store around the world and find my size.  Isn’t that right?

Well, I wear a ladies size 12 (USA).  That’s a UK 10.  A European 43.  So needless to say, finding shoes can be a real challenge.  When I do, I care for them.  How?

I spray my shoes before wearing them with a protector.  I also keep the boxes.  Yes, I keep the boxes.  The other option is I get those storage containers.  Occasionally I even keep the stuffing and the little silica packets that come in the box.  These are really important for keeping moisture from building up.  Especially if you tend to sweat in your shoes or walk in moist conditions. Moisture can breed mold or mildew on your shoes which looks like white patches.  They sometimes are even fuzzy looking patches.  It’s best to let your shoes dry completely before you store them in a box

Silica get packets are used to prevent moisture and damge to goods. They are silicone dioxide and considered non-toxic. But it’s not safe to ingest and you should clean eyes thoroughly if you rub eyes after handly.

If you ever do get mold on your shoes using pure white vinegar can help eliminate this problem.  Click Here for tips on cleaning mildew and mold from shoes.

Mold on Shoes

Mold on Shoes

For tall fashion boots, storing them using a boot tree is the best way to help them keep their shape.  What I do during off-season is keep the stuffing or buy tissue used for gifts to stuff in the front of the boot.  It helps keep them dry along with the shape of the toes.  If they are soft leather you can fold them and keep in a storage box.


Invest in boot trees to keep your expensive footwear in good condition.


Loving My New Blondo Boots

I recently purchased a pair of Blondo boots from Long Tall Sally and I’m so happy with them. I’m wearing them almost daily! The leather front and the elastic backside make for a very comfortable fit. These boots look great with my jeans and I can also wear underneath my slacks. Being in Canada, a really cool fact for me is that the shoes are made here! I get lots of compliments on these boots and I am delighted to share them with you. -Isabel

Blondo Veracruz

My everyday boot from Blondo


Tyla by Naturalizer $119USD

This is by far one of my favourite pairs of boots this season.  It’s an ankle boot lined with faux fur with a fold-over collar.  The sole is non-slim so hopefully despite the 3 1/2 inch heel height you can stay upright on slippery surfaces.

This is not a winter boot but rather what one could say is a weather boot.  It’s designed to help keep your feet dry and a little warm but there is no guarantee these will keep you protected on a day where the temperatures dip way below freezing.

Wear these if you want to look good, keep warm and dry and only on days when you’re really not doing too much walking in the snow!  At this time of season you can find it on sale in most stores and websites.  It’s also available up to size 12.


Bundle Your Toes

It’s getting nippy outside.  That means our gorgeous fashion boots are not going to cut it in the below zero temps that are on the way.  What’s a girl to do when she want fashion AND function?

Check out these brands that have lovely styles in our sizes but will still keep your toes bundled up in the freezing temps.

Teva Jade Cove Boot $170USD

The Teva Jade boot comes up to size 12 ladies and is waterproof leather.  It also has a microfiber lining to keep your feet warm and comfy on those cold days.

Janey by North Face $155USD

The Janey by North Face only goes up to ladies size 11 but it’s a cute style that will certainly keep you warm over the winter.  Made with a faux fur lining it also has a winter grip sole made to keep you from any mishaps on the ice over the season.

Sorel 88 Boot $170USD

A little more sporty with a fashionable touch, the Sorel 88 boot will guarantee you warmth.  Sorel is known for creating quality winter footwear to keep you dry and warm in sub-zero temperatures.  This boot is the same style designed for the Canadian Olympic team.   Available up to size 12 and in other colours too.

Overall when it comes to staying warm and dry there is a small sacrifice to fashion.  All those funky heels, wedges and pumps look fabulous but, are usually not going to do the best job and keeping the snow and water out while keeping you warm at the same time.