Can You Take a Picture of The Shoes You Want?

Hello Everyone,

Occasionally we have posted a pair of great shoes that we love, regardless of whether or not it was available for our pretty long feet.  The next time you see a great pair of shoes that you so badly want and your size is not available, take a snap shot and post it on our twitter or Facebook feeds.  Yesterday, Ivy posted on twitter a great photo of a pair of Marc Fisher pumps that she can’t have because they are not in her size.  It’s always still fun to look!  Let’s start swapping photos.  The more impact we create, the more demand we can have to get more brands to produce our size and more retailers to stock ’em!

You down for this movement?  All you have to do is take a quick picture of you holding the shoe or the shoe on a ledge, in its box, or even you attempting to squeeze your foot into it. LOL!  Then post the photo on our Facebook wall or on Twitter.  You can write something like Ivy did below.

Happy Sharing! I can’t wait to see all the styles you love.


Here’s the pic that Ivy tweeted yesterday.

“I’m totally loving this Marc Fisher shoe! But I can’t buy because I have #prettylongfeet. Not my size”



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