Mother’s Day Goodies

So Mother’s Day is upon us once again and you are looking for great ideas on how to treat your mom.  The tried and true gifts include mani-pedis, fragrances, and flowers.  If you’re looking for something different I have some thoughtful ideas I’d like to share.

1. How about getting mom a photo shoot with a professional photographer.  If you’re in Vancouver, Karolina Turek, is a great choice for headshots!  Make Mom the centre of attention.

2. All of the restaurants are going to be packed and noisy.  A great alternative, is to give mom even more TLC by preparing a meal for her.  I find great recipes from all cultures, including traditional American food to African to Persian to Mexican, and more at  You’ll even find coupons here for some ingredients.

3. Every gal loves a new pair of shoes!  Mom will thank you for grabbing the latest in fashion or maybe she’s looking for comfort.  If she wears a size 10+, she’ll be even more grateful that you found a pair for.  It can be so hard to find shoes in larger sizes.  Check out and order today.


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